Funeral & Memorial Services

Trinity Release A Spirit Dove is released either by hand or from the decorated cage by a family member (if they prefer). Three white doves will then be released, symbolizing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to join up with the spirit dove before they begin their journey home. $110.00
Angels Escort At the conclusion of the ceremony a single white bird is released from its decorative cage by a family member at the grave side. A flock of white doves are released to join the “spirit bird” and the flock of White Angels typically circle as they are released. As a group, they depart over the horizon to begin their flight home. Our Angels Escort is usually twelve doves, to escort the spirit dove, but if you have a special number, talk to us about adding extra doves. $125.00
21 Dove Salute A lovely tribute to a service member. Similar to our Angels Escort, but a larger flock of twenty-one doves is released. They come in a decorated crate, and you may choose if you want a single bird on display. You can also decide if you want to hand release a single dove first to symbolize your loved one. $140.00
Extra Doves You may add as many extra doves to any package as you would like. 4 doves for $25

Wedding Release Packages

Silver Release A pair of snow white doves are released from a decorated white heart shaped basket, or white chapel, by the bride and groom.  Then twelve doves, are released from a decorative crate as the bride and groom have their traditional kiss to offer a beautiful photo opportunity as the doves lift off to escort the bride and groom doves (for a total of 14 release doves). Price is $250.
Gold Release
Our Gold release is the same as our Silver Release except the number of release doves is increased to twenty-one doves, to escort the bride and groom doves (for a total of 23 doves). Price is $300.
Platinum Release
Two white rock doves in a heart shaped basket (or white chapel) for the bride and groom to release. Thirty white doves are then released from two white baskets for a lovely photo opportunity. Plus one pair of beautiful white doves are displayed in gold cages. Price $400.
Display Doves #1Two beautiful white doves in gold decorated cages for display only. Price $50.00 with a booked release.

Other Special Events Release Ideas

We are happy to do White Dove Releases to celebrate many other events too!
We can adjust our above packages to fit your needs. Please contact us for more details.

Are you ready to design a custom release for your own event? Contact us and let’s see what we can create for you.