Why White Doves

The white dove is universally recognized as a symbol of love, peace and purity. A professionally coordinated White Dove Release is the perfect way to incorporate these symbolic associations into any of life’s meaningful occasions.

They can add joy to times of celebration, and comfort and healing in times of sorrow. Contact us to discuss how we can do a beautiful release for you!

Our Service Area

Dream Wings Doves provides professional White Dove Release Services in the Grand Valley area of Western Colorado. This includes Palisade, Clifton, Grand Junction, Fruita, Orchard Mesa, and Redlands areas.

If you are looking for a White Dove Release for another area, you can find other locations by clicking the logos above, or visit https://nwdrs.org/directory.html, https://dove-release.net/ and https://whitedovedirectory.com/

Meet the Flyers

The doves are the star performers on our team. They love to fly and will enjoy putting on a White Dove Release show for you. But they are more than our employees, they are also our pets. They are very well cared for and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Their roomy loft is free from drafts and has plenty of sunshine. They enjoy a “free flight” on the days when they are not doing a release or training. In their free time, they like to “hang out” with their mates and bask in the sun in their aviary pens.

The birds thoroughly enjoy a bath several times a week to help keep them clean and white. They are closely monitored to ensure that they are always healthy and ready to perform their best for you. A lot of time, effort and money go into the training and care of these birds. They go through an intense flight training period for the first year. They need to be kept in top performance at all times, so the training and conditioning is never ending.

Our Team Members at Dream Wings Doves

Debbie Rudd

Founder & Release Coordinator

Debbie has kept racing pigeons and white doves for many years, and has experience doing White Dove Releases. She is an active member of the Grand Junction Racing Pigeon Club, the American Racing Pigeon Union, and the National White Dove Release Society.

The White Doves

Star Performers at Dream Wings Doves

Our white doves are a special breed of Rock Dove that is a variety of homing and racing pigeon, all of which are members of the dove family. They are bred for their beauty and for the strong homing ability so they can safely return home when released.

Want to know more?

Because we recognize that every event is unique, we welcome the opportunity to customize a Release Package that’s right for you … and your budget!