What are “White Release Doves”?

The White Doves that are used in our releases are a specially-bred variety of homing pigeon.  They are different than the white ringneck dove or turtledove. Those types are smaller, they have no homing instinct, and they CANNOT be released as they won’t survive. 

Where do the doves go when released?

These doves have been trained to return to their home loft. People often ask if all types of doves will fly home.  NO.  Only those that have been properly bred with the “homing” instinct and correctly trained.

How do they know where “home” is?

Nobody really knows. These types of birds have been flown and enjoyed for centuries, and a well-trained dove can navigate hundreds of miles to find their way home. In fact, they usually beat us home!

Will they make a mess at the ceremony?

While we cannot guarantee the birds will not have an accident, it is unlikely. Birds fly with their feet stretched out behind them, and they will not soil themselves. Once released, the birds generally do not land or stop until they reach home. We also adjust their feed on the day of a release to further decrease the likelihood of an accident.

When will the birds be released?

This is entirely up to you! There can be a lot of creativity in the timing and location of your release. We will discuss that with you during the planning of the event.  We never release birds close to sunset or after dark.  They must have time to fly home before dark

What if it rains on the day of our ceremony?

For ‘Acts of God’ such as heavy rain, snow, high winds or other adverse situations, we reserve the right to cancel the dove release. We will not jeopardize the health and well being of our beloved doves. The Display Packages are not cancelled because of weather.

If you have other questions, please ask us!
We are always happy to explain about our birds and business.